Discover the Joy of Low Acid Coffee with Decaf

Discover the Joy of Low Acid Coffee with Decaf

If you've been troubled by acid reflux or digestive issues following a cup of coffee, fret not, because there may be a joyful solution: Decaf Coffee! 

Roasting and brewing coffee is an art form, and we love looking into the science behind it! Multiple studies have shown that decaf coffee produces significantly less acid reflux than caffeinated coffee. This was shown in people with reflux diseases and people without.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a low-acid coffee:

Opt For Decaf for low acid coffee

Decaf is easier on the tummy as research shows and many of our customers share with us! Decaf may provide you with that delicious taste of coffee you love, without the acid-reflux you don’t.

A study revealed that as a result of the decaffeination process, the level of acids is lower in decaffeinated coffee than in regular coffee. So, for those looking for a lower-acid coffee option that doesn’t irritate your tummy, decaf could be the simple yet effective answer you've been looking for. 

Decaf may  also help you wean yourself off of caffeine, according to one study that showed even the placebo effect of drinking decaf coffee can reduce withdrawal symptoms of giving up caffeine.

When choosing a decaf coffee, we recommend those that are decaffeinated with the Swiss Water or Sugarcane EA Process. Both of these processes use natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals, to remove caffeine. 

Consider Dark Roast Decaf

The roast level of coffee beans can influence the acidity levels in your cup. Light roasts often have “bright” or more acidic flavors like citrus. As the coffee is roasted longer, those flavors often transform into more nutty, chocolatey or dried fruit sweet flavor notes. Dark roast coffees tend to be less acidic because of prolonged exposure to heat, which breaks down and caramelizes the naturally occurring acids within the beans resulting in a more mellow brew. Make that dark roast coffee a decaf and you’ve got a low-acid coffee drinker’s dream!

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Try Cold-brewing

Cold brew, known for its extended steeping process in cold water, offers a brew that's as mellow as it is refreshing. A study published in ​Scientific Reports​ examined the difference in acidity between cold brew and hot brew coffee and found that cold brew coffee had lower acid levels.The slow and cold extraction process reduces the release of acidic compounds, resulting in a cup that's up to 60% less acidic than hot coffee.

Try this easy French Press cold brew!

So, if you're someone who struggles with the acidity of regular coffee, consider the joy of decaf. With lower acidity and reduced caffeine, it's a kinder choice for your tummy. Explore Savorista's selection of naturally decaffeinated coffees. Your journey to a gentle cup starts here!

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