Savorista Recipes | French Press Cold Brew

Savorista Recipes | French Press Cold Brew

Now that summer is in full swing, how about some fun new brew tips to mix up your coffee ritual! First up is French Press Cold Brew!

Why cold brew? And how is it different than iced coffee? Well, iced coffee is brewed hot and then poured over ice. Cold brewed coffee is steeped in room temperature water for over 12 hours and then poured over ice.

Many people love cold brew coffee for its smooth taste, lower acidity and bold flavor. Cold brew is delicious black or with your favorite creamer!


French Press Cold Brew

Step 1: Find the perfect beans! We won the People’s Choice Award at the Cincinnati Coffee Festival in 2019 for our Panorama Half Caf Cold Brew.

Step 2: Weigh or measure your coffee. Weigh out 1 gram of coffee for every 7 grams of water.  For an 8 cup French Press, measure out ⅔ cup of coffee and 3 cups of room temperature filtered water. 

Step 3: Grind on a coarse setting to make sure your coffee isn't too fine for your filter. 

Step 4: Pour the coffee grounds into the french press and add the water. Stir to make sure all of the grounds are wet. 

Step 5: Steep for 12-14 hours. This is where the magic happens and your perfect cup of cold brew is on its way!

Step 6: Plunge, pour, and enjoy!

More tips:

  • You may find this to be super strong, so add small amounts of cold water until you reach your perfect glass of cold brew.
  • Filter coffee through a paper filter to remove any tiny coffee grounds before drinking.