Is there joy in your daily journey? Or are you trying to cram too much into your day with the help of caffeine?

At Savorista, we want to help you find your proverbial Guiding Star so that, rather than fueling busyness and overcommitment, coffee can take its rightful place in your life as something to be savored.

We are proud to craft astonishingly delicious decaf and half caf coffee that helps you lighten your load so that you can chart your own path and...

Live a life worth savoring.

Kait Brown and Daniel Fernandes

Our founder Kait used to power her days with endless caffeine.

Before she founded Savorista, Kait was in an extremely stressful period of her life - one of endless work hours, a parent with cancer and anxiety. Kait was guzzling coffee to get out of bed, drinking more coffee to get her through the afternoon slump, working until 2 o’clock in the morning, and not sleeping because she’d had so much caffeine during the day. 

As everything she cared about started crumbling around her, Kait felt jittery, anxious, and close to collapse. Although it was evident that caffeine was a contributing source, she could not imagine giving up coffee. 

She loved the flavor, ritual, and relationships that were built over a cup of coffee. And to make matters more complicated, she had not found a decaf coffee she truly enjoyed. 

Kait began to wonder, “what if you could actually craft really good decaf that didn’t taste like, well, decaf?” 

A year and a half later, Kait was living a caffeine-free lifestyle and feeling better, and she knew she was ready for something...more.  

Our quest for the perfect decaf 

So, she and her boyfriend Daniel packed their bags, put everything in storage, and took off for a coffee quest, starting in South America. 

They traveled through Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia, where they met with growers and decaffeinators, talked to producers and exporters, and tasted hundreds of coffees in blind taste tests. In a blind taste test with caffeinated coffees, they were astonished to find that their favorite coffee was decaf, and this was the moment they realized decaf coffee really could be delicious.

With their newfound clarity leading the way, they got engaged in Ethiopia, made amazing connections with exceptional growers, and focused on starting a world-class, caffeine conscious coffee company. 


Today, Kait and Daniel are committed to helping others find their Guiding Star by encouraging them to use coffee to slow down and chart their own path to a life worth savoring.