3 Ways to Make Your Coffee More Gut Friendly

3 Ways to Make Your Coffee More Gut Friendly

Coffee is a beloved part of many of our morning and daily rituals. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may have experienced digestive issues from caffeine. Caffeine increases the production of stomach acid causing discomfort for many coffee lovers. Being mindful of the type of coffee you drink, how you brew your coffee, and which type of creamer you use may help reduce inflammation in the gut and throughout the body. Here are 3 easy ways to make your coffee more gut friendly:

1. Look for low caffeine options

According to dietitians at Mind Body Green, caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that can cause digestive irritation. Research suggests that it can increase the frequency of contractions throughout your digestive tract. For example, an older study from 1998 found that caffeinated coffee stimulates the colon 23% more than decaf coffee, and 60% more than water. This illustrates that caffeine significantly stimulates your lower gut. Also, some research suggests that caffeine may increase the production of stomach acid, which could upset your stomach and cause heartburn. If you find that you are experiencing heartburn or an upset stomach from drinking caffeinated coffee, it may be time to consider switching to Caffeine Conscious Coffee. 

Some of Savorista’s customers have found it helpful to switch to a half caf coffee and gradually transition to fully decaffeinated coffee over time. If you want to learn more about how to gradually reduce your caffeine for better gut health, checkout this caffeine step down plan.

2. Try cold brewing 

Many people love cold brew coffee for its smooth mouthfeel, lower acidity, and bold flavor. Cold brew coffee may be 65 percent less acidic than regular hot-brewed coffee which leads to less irritation. Cold brewed coffee is steeped in room temperature water for over 12 hours and then poured over ice. 

Our french press cold brew recipe highlights how to make the perfect Savorista cold brew coffee that is both more gut-happy and jitter-free! 

3. Use Dairy-Free Creamers & Milks

Dairy is known to cause stomach irritation and inflammation across the entire body. Eliminating dairy from your coffee ritual can help to reduce this chronic inflammation. According to healthline , dairy-free alternatives improve digestion and bloating issues. There’s now a variety of dairy free coffee creamers made from oats, almonds, barley, and cashews on the market. Pairing your one of these with Savorista’s Caffeine Conscious Coffee is a gut happy combo! 

To make a gut healthy latte, try pairing Savorista Yesso! Espresso decaf coffee with a splash of almond creamer for a drink with a delicious mix of dark chocolate, strawberries, and dried cherries flavors.


Coffee does not need to be cut out of your daily routine in order to live a gut friendly lifestyle. Finding healthy alternatives to your favorite products through Caffeine Conscious Coffee can improve your day to day life, boost your energy, and help your gut!