Coffee Gifts for Every Love Language

Coffee Gifts for Every Love Language

Love Languages (yes, by Gary Chapman) tells us that we all have preferences in terms of how we receive love, meaning certain ways of expressing love will feel more meaningful to us than other ways. 

For example, my dad’s love language is Quality Time. He feels most loved when spending one-on-one time with the people he loves, while my mom feels deeply loved when Receiving Gifts. And my husband and I both appreciate Acts of Service. Love Languages applies to all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. Of course you may want to modify those expressions of love a bit in some contexts, you know, expressing the language of Physical Touch differently for Grandma than for your partner.

What are the 5 Love Languages anyway? And how do I connect them with coffee? Find out below and try to speak someone else’s love language so they feel even more deeply loved by you today!


#1: Acts of Service: Doing something nice for someone

  • Commit to making the afternoon coffee every day in January
  • Give a coffee subscription so they don’t need to think about buying coffee for a couple months
  • Grind the coffee for a week, especially if they have a hand grinder


#2: Quality Time: Giving someone your undivided attention

  • Set up a coffee tasting to try and compare different coffees together
  • Schedule time to catch up over a delicious cup of coffee
  • Pack coffee and treats for a picnic outside or in front of a warm fire


#3: Words of Affirmation: Verbally letting someone know you appreciate and care about them

  • Tell someone you love them a latte
  • Give bags of coffee and stick a post-it on each bag to tell them how mug-nificent they are
  • Create a poem to espresso how much they mean to you
  • Write a card to share the appreciation that has been brewing


#4: Physical Touch: Everything from high-fives to, well you know, counts here

  • Drink coffee together while holding hands or touching feet
  • Give someone coffee and a big hug
  • Initiate a high five every time you drink coffee together


#5: Receiving Gifts: Doesn’t need to be expensive, often what means the most is something that shows how well you know them