Ethiopian Ceremony Decaf Sample

Ethiopian Ceremony Decaf Sample

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Ethiopian Ceremony Decaf Sample

This organic Ethiopian coffee fills your taste buds with smooth and sweet notes of milk chocolate, almond, blackberries and a hint of lime. The unique flavor creates a coffee with a silky body that gives you the bold flavors you want without the caffeine you don’t! This coffee was proudly decaffeinated with only water by our friends at Swiss Water.

Light Roast
Tasting Notes

milk chocolate, almond, blackberries and a hint of lime

Limu, Ethiopia
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Ethiopian Landrace
1800 ft.

Perfect For

The detail-oriented pioneer who makes an effort to live life to its fullest and savor all of the beautiful details it has to offer along the way.

Why We Love It

This coffee is certified organic. It was grown without chemical pesticides, and it was decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process that only uses water to remove the caffeine. The silky body and chocolate notes combined with the sweet burst of fruit create a coffee that will leave you astonished that it’s decaf. You’ll wish for endless cups of this coffee, and the good news is, it’s decaf; may your wish be granted. Ethiopia is known for their traditional daily coffee ceremonies that make drinking coffee feel like a special occasion. They involve freshly roasting, grinding and, in a ceramic pot, brewing the coffee. It is served strong in a small cup, often with sugar. Needless to say, Ethiopians know their coffee, which is exemplified by the beautiful, bold flavor notes in this coffee. Make drinking coffee your very own special occasion with our Ethiopian Ceremony.

About the Grower

This coffee was grown and dried on raised beds by Ibrahim Hussein, a third-generation coffee farmer, on his coffee plantation in the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia.

Customer Reviews

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Abbigail Graupner
Pure gold in a cup!

This Ethiopian Ceremony Decaf is my new favorite. I work in specialty coffee but am very sensitive to caffeine and live in a producing country that doesn’t have any decaf processing. It’s irony to its fullest. This Ethiopian has everything I need to keep me happy, my palette calibrated, and my body balanced. Love it brewed in a V60 and Chemex where it’s subtle flavors shine!