Interview with Molly Seidel on Running and Coffee

Interview with Molly Seidel on Running and Coffee

We were so excited to sit down (virtually) with Olympic Marathoner Molly Seidel this past week to talk about all things coffee and running. 

Molly is an inspiring runner and caffeine conscious coffee lover. She has won 12 state titles in high school, 4 NCAA titles, and recently qualified for the Olympics for the marathon. Even with so few racing opportunities in the world of COVID-19, Molly was invited to run in this year’s pro-only London Marathon on Sunday, October 4th. If a pandemic can’t stop Molly, nothing can!

Clearly, there was a lot to talk about with Molly. We dove into how Molly trains for such a high-stakes race like the London Marathon, to which she responded frankly by “learning how to be bored for long periods of time.” She makes it sound easy. 

We also discussed what her coffee ritual looks like when she’s training. Some pros drink decaf to save the boost of caffeinated coffee for races. Molly enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning before her runs and a caffeine gel towards the end of a marathon. 

Here are some of the key highlights from our conversation, but make sure to check out the full interview to hear what else she had to say: 

  1. As she trains for her upcoming marathon, she averages 120-125 miles a week.  (Damn! For some of us that’s a cumulative lifetime goal)
  2. She used to be teammates with her current Coach, Jon Green. 
  3. Even when training in Flagstaff, Molly brings her full coffee-setup, including a kettle, pour-over, whole coffee beans, and a bean grinder.
  4. In a marathon, Molly likes to take caffeine gels around mile 17 to help her stay focused.

To follow more of Molly’s journey as a runner and caffeine-conscious coffee lover, follow her on Instagram @bygolly.molly. While you’re at it, send her a message to let her know that we, the Savorista community, are all rooting for her! 

You can watch the race live from your home by going to NBCSN this Sunday, October 4th at 2:00 AM EDT. Molly, we’re all cheering for you, and can’t wait to tune in this Sunday!