Coffee Soda Recipe

Coffee Soda Recipe

Can you believe it’s the middle of August already?! There have been some wonderful days we’ve spent outside this summer and it has had us craving some cold coffee drinks! Did you get a chance to try our affogato recipe? It hits the spot for dessert lovers! 

This new recipe is perfect for everyone who enjoys coffee and carbonation. Whether it’s regular soda, soda water, or sparkling water, we think this pairing of coffee and sparkling water is perfect for a summer afternoon.

We’ve adapted this recipe from coffee blogger, Alexander Mills. Alexander is an avid home brewer and coffee blogger working to break down barriers in language and education in specialty coffee culture.

I had tried mixing club soda with my cold brew, but it didn’t quite taste right. Alexander tipped me off that the trick is to make a coffee syrup to mix with the sparkling water.



  1. Make a large pot of coffee using your favorite beans 
    1. Tip: We suggest pairing it with our Yesso Espresso, makes for a perfect pairing!
  2. Next, transfer the coffee to a wide mouth pot so you can make the coffee syrup. Using a wide mouth pot will make the boiling go a lot faster with more surface area. Trust me, I tried with a small sauce pan and it took forever.
  3. For the syrup, add 2 cups of cane sugar to your coffee in the pan
    1. Tip: We know this is a lot of sugar, but don’t skimp too much! I tried with 1/3 of Alexander's suggested amount the first time and the coffee boiled away to almost nothing without the sugar to stick to. I guess that makes sense for a syrup :-) If you want to reduce the sugar in your beverage, add less coffee syrup and more sparkling water for a less sweet version.
  4. Bring the coffee and sugar to a boil and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes (or more) to create a syrup-like consistency
  5. Once reduced, let it cool completely and transfer to a bottle to store it in your fridge so you can add it to your sparkling water any time you like
  6. We suggest starting with 1 tbs of syrup to add to your glass of sparkling water and adding more if you like it sweeter


Looking for a sweet treat? Toss in a scoop of ice cream for the coffee version of a root beer float.




I hope you enjoy this drink as much as I did and you can now add it to your repertoire of home brewed coffee recipes!