How to Choose a Decaf Coffee Online

How to Choose a Decaf Coffee Online

We’re encouraged to stay home more and more every day. So for many of us, that means buying coffee online to brew at home. 

Maybe you’re using this as an opportunity to layer in health changes, like drinking less caffeine. If you're looking for a delicious decaf online, you're probably wondering how you can possibly differentiate the good online coffee products from the bad.

Here are our five tips for choosing a high quality decaf, online:

1. Check the decaffeination method. 

There are many ways to decaffeinate coffee. Some use natural ingredients and others use harsh chemicals. We recommend choosing decaf that is decaffeinated only with natural ingredients like water via the Swiss Water method or natural ethyl acetate (EA), from sugar cane. Savorista uses both of these methods and you’ll never find coffee decaffeinated with harsh chemicals on our website.

2. Reviews.

The best description of the product will come from people who’ve tried it. Look for the reviews that talk about the taste, and quality of the coffee. Everyone’s coffee preferences are different, so of course not everyone will love every coffee. To get an indication of customer service, check how companies respond to negative reviews. 

3. Look for variety.

Do they offer a variety of different coffees with different flavor profiles. Or do they just offer one default decaf option? Look for variety in the country of origin, roast profiles and flavor notes. Variety of decaf typically indicates they care about their decaf drinkers. For example, Savorista offers a wide range of craft decaf coffees from around the world, including light roasts and dark roasts as well as half caf options.

4. Are the beans fresh?

You’ll get the freshest beans if they are roasted for your order or at the very least if they are roasted frequently.

5. How are the beans packaged?

For the best freshness before you open the bag, the beans should be packaged with a one-way valve. This packaging ensures built up CO2 can escape without causing inflation in the bag as well as preserving coffee freshness by keeping oxygen from reaching it. To maximize freshness after opening, look for resealable packaging to keep your beans fresh longer. (Hint: check out Savorista’s resealable bags.)

BONUS TIP: If you’re looking for a longer commitment and are choosing a coffee subscription, look for subscriptions that offer flexibility in their plans. You’ll want to be able to adjust it to your life or change your coffee. Look for easy schedule changes and cancellations. Free shipping on subscriptions is also a perk (and one we offer to our Savorista subscriber).