The Delicious Decaf Quest

Savorista Coffee Tasting

For Savorista, it’s been hard to have high standards for our decaf coffee. Really hard.

Why do we taste hundreds of coffees before offering a new variety? Because you deserve delicious coffee. We believe that a cup of coffee is a ritual and a small celebration of joy during your busy day. Why waste that celebration on  coffee that you don't love?

For this reason, we’ve committed ourselves to only provide our caffeine conscious coffee lovers (that's YOU!) with the highest-quality decaffeinated coffee that exists. That’s why we set out on our global decaf quest to places like Ethiopia, Colombia, and Rwanda to seek out those full-flavored beans!

The Savorista story started with a trip to Colombia, where we tasted a coffee in a blind tasting that was truly incredible. It was rich with hints of chocolate, and the pleasant surprise of bursting citrus! I was shocked to learn that this was a decaf and decided on the spot that this must be our first coffee to share with you!

And in that moment, I also decided that “shockingly great decaf” would be our quality standard. From then on, we’ve set out to find more decaf coffees that are so tasty, you’re surprised to learn they are decaf.

I didn’t realize that I was a bit lucky to find this first coffee so early in our journey. It has been difficult to find other decafs that meet that standard.

We’ve tasted hundreds of coffees and many of the decafs have been decent and maybe even good for a decaf coffee. But “decent decaf” is not the vision Savorista is working towards.

Is the search worth it? We think so! Our search has helped us source a range of coffees and we've roasted them in different of ways to give you the variety you deserve — bright fruity light roasts, dark espressos, and full-bodied medium roasts. 

We know that the cost of high standards is worth it for our customers. When you order from Savorista, you know that you are getting the best coffee we can find and nothing less.