Panorama Half Caf Sample

Panorama Half Caf Sample

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Panorama Half Caf Sample

Created for those moments when you want a bit of a boost, without the crash. This coffee is smooth and sweet with notes of blackberries, brown sugared pecans, and a green apple finish. Panorama has half the caffeine of a full-strength cup of coffee.

Medium Roast
Tasting Notes

blackberries, brown sugared pecans, green apple

South America, Africa
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Heirloom, Colombia, Castillo, Yellow Caturra
5700 - 6400 ft.

Perfect For

The mindful discoverer - those seeking to find their perfect balance of calm and crazy, relaxation and buzz-nation, or simply wake-me-up but don’t shake-me-up.

Why We Love It

Sometimes you don’t want any caffeine. Sometimes you just want less. And sometimes you want more.. We are thrilled to offer coffee that lets you dial into the right amount of caffeine for you while achieving the most sensational balance of flavors. The beautiful berries mingle with a sweet nutty profile to create a blend that offers delicious ritual without caffeine residual. Need an afternoon pick me up and want to sleep well at night? We’ve got you covered.

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Made excellent cold brew!