Ethiopian Essence Half Caf

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Ethiopian Essence Half Caf

This organic Ethiopian Essence coffee has sweet and smooth notes of milk chocolate, raspberry, bergamot, jasmine and honey. This is a perfect blend of Ethiopian coffees with only half of the caffeine.

Light Roast
Tasting Notes

milk chocolate, raspberry, jasmine and honey

Guji and Limu (Oromia), Ethiopia
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Ethiopian Landrace
1,800 ft.

Perfect For

Those who seek a morning coffee ritual to start their day with joy and a bit of a pick me up or need an afternoon break with a warm cup to refresh the soul.

Why We Love It

This half caf blend is organically grown in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, perfect for those reducing caffeine who don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their coffee. The name essence comes from the outstanding aroma and tastes this coffee provides, a perfect focal point for your morning coffee ritual. We love savoring Ethiopian Essence and enjoying moments of gratitude.

About the Grower

A perfect blend of coffees organically grown on family farms in Lumnu and Guji, Ethiopia. Ibrahim Hussein, a third-generation coffee farmer, organically grew half of the coffee in the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia. And on the Guji farm, they fertilize the soil with organic materials from coffee plants and other trees as part of their Rainforest Alliance certification.

Customer Reviews

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Kristine Johnson
I’m in love

You are making a coffee snob out of me! This is tied for my favorite cup of coffee ever, and the other one had the benefit of being in Paris and my judgement may have been clouded. I will definitely buy this for as long as it’s offered. Thank you!!

amazing coffee

Like the other reviewer mentioned -- you know it's good coffee when you don't need creamer or sugar. I normally have coffee with my creamer, but with the half-caf varieties, including this one, I use little to no creamer/sugar and it is so smooth and delicious. Highly recommend! I've purchased the half-cafs several times, this one was the first for the Ethiopian Essence and I have absolutely no complaints. Will definitely be ordering again (and again and again..)


You know it’s good coffee when you don’t need creamer. Not very acidic which was a plus! The aroma and taste will have me purchasing this one again!


I am typically a dark coffee fan, so this is a bit outside of my usual cup of coffee. That said, it is very smooth, not bitter, but still has personality. It is a little more acidic than my usual dark roasts, but still quite good.