Yesso! Espresso Decaf Sample

Yesso! Espresso Decaf Sample

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Yesso! Espresso Decaf Sample

Our Yesso! Espresso blend has been carefully crafted and decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process to deliver a delicious mix of dark chocolate, strawberries and dried cherries that you only need a few sips to savor. It shines all on its own, but we love how it tastes with a splash of milk!

Dark Roast
Tasting Notes
dark chocolate, strawberries, dried cherries
South America
Castillo and Heirloom
5500 - 7000 ft

Perfect For

Wrapping up a dinner party, dessert lovers, quick lunch breaks and when you’re feeling a little extra fancy.

Why We Love It

Never say no to espresso again. Say “Yesso!” to our Swiss Water decaffeinated espresso that packs all of the bold, in-your-face flavor of a traditional shot, without any of the caffeine. Savor these smooth notes of dark chocolate, and berries with your favorite dessert, or drink it in the morning for a sweet start to your day! Because life is worth celebrating and when it’s an exceptional decaf espresso without the jitters, what’s not to love?

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marc Burke
Barely buzzed is great

I tend to get the jitters and low blood sugar from too much regular coffee. The Barely Buzzed half-caf solved this issue for me - while still tasting like real coffee.


Pretty good. Shipping arrived on time.


Yesso, Espresso is decaf coffee with all the flavor you expect without the caffeine jolt. It's too quality, full bodied, and tasty.

Chris L.
So much flavor!

After taking a chance on half caf, I tried out some samples of some new decaf flavors, including this Yesso Espresso. Each flavor was delicious, so I’m having a difficult time choosing which one to go with! Maybe I’ll just have to keep tasting more and more! Who says you can only have ONE favorite? Each cup is so satisfying.

Monica B
5 stars

5 stars- deep flavors and great packaging!