Colombian Skylight Half Caf

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Colombian Skylight Half Caf

Crafted perfectly for those moments you want a little pick me up without the jitters. This coffee is sweet and bright with notes of brown sugar, cherry, orange, and a hint of vanilla. Colombian Sky has all of the flavor with only half of the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee.

Light Roast
Tasting Notes

blackberries, brown sugared pecans, green apple

Antioquia, Colombia
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Colombia, Castillo
4593 - 5741 feet

Perfect For

The sensible explorer - curious coffee lovers who don’t want to push themselves too far beyond their limits.

Why We Love It

Caffeine isn’t for everyone, and decaf might not be either. We are delighted to offer you a happy medium - coffee that has a bit of caffeine. This coffee is for you if you are looking to reduce your caffeine or indulge in more cups of coffee throughout the day! The brightness behind the fruit flavors blended with the sweetness of the brown sugar combine to make a coffee that is almost too good to be true. Almost. This coffee is grown by farmers around the town of Jardín in Antioquia, Colombia. This small Andean town is nestled in the mountains and known for its colorful buildings that line the streets. A perfect place to explore and relax, for those times when you want something new and comforting at the same time. What’s not to love?

Customer Reviews

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Emily L.
Bold and Flavorful

This coffee is super tasty, bold, and flavorful. You wouldn't even know it's decaf!

Just the right amount of caffeine for an afternoon pick-me-up!

I've always loved coffee for many reasons! Recently though, I've been staying up later because of the caffeine I'd have in the afternoons during work. I tried Savorista's half caf and it was the perfect amount of caffeine to keep me going during my last half of the day, without compromising my sleep later that night! I also love the taste!

can't get enough!

I don't need full caffeinated coffee, so this Savorista coffee has been amazing! It is smooth, tastes delicious, and is just the right amount of caffeine! I've ordered from Savorista multiple times and I always get a variety of types of half-caf when I order, and I'm never disappointed. I've tried many of the half-cafs, Colombian Skylight being one of them, and all have been fantastic! I've reordered several times and I love to get a variety of the half cafs. I'd recommend all of them, including this one.

Miranda McKinney
Half Caf, all flavor 😊

I loved this coffee. It was smooth, no bitterness or bad aftertaste you get with some of the the low or decaf coffees. I loved the flavor. Definitely recommend.