Barely Buzzed Half Caf

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Barely Buzzed Half Caf

Rich and bold with bursts of dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow and walnuts, this coffee is all about balance. From flavors to functionality, it finds harmony in sweet and toasty while delivering the boost you want without the crash you don't

Dark Roast
Tasting Notes

dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow, walnuts

South America, East Africa
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Caturra, Heirloom
5700 - 7000 ft.

Perfect For

Those who want bold but balanced. This was crafted for those who believe that caffeine, like coffee, should come in different sizes. Like t-shirts. Like shoes. Like cars. Like… everything.

Why We Love It

This coffee is all about caffeine consciousness. Whether it’s a way to cut caffeine in half, or just drink more coffee - this blend exists to give you only the buzz you rely on, followed by the calm you want. This is the dark roast coffee lover’s dream blend that’s so bold, so dark chocolatey, and just a bit toasty.. Sort of like a gourmet walnut s’more.

Customer Reviews

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Danielle D.
Game changer

I've been enjoying Barely Buzzed as my go-to morning coffee for more than a year now. During a time when I have needed to give my nervous system some love, this has been a wonderful option to enjoy a high-quality. delicious coffee with some limited (but welcome) caffeine effects without ever getting jittery or feeling a big cortisol spike. Thank you, Savorista!

Frank Conlon
Best Half Caf Coffee Anywhere!

Savorista's Barely Buzzed Half Caf is by far the best on the market. It's the most delicious tasting half caf coffee I've ever had. The subscription is super convenient too!

Joanna W
Finally a GREAT half caf

I can happily say that I don't get caffeine headaches anymore (or any other side effects) thanks to Savorista. I used to be very addicted to my full caf coffee and then took a hiatus from coffee all together (which was VERY difficult). After a year of missing coffee, but not wanting to get addicted again, I tried Savorista. The coffee gives you the fullness and taste of a regular caffeinated but without the side effects. I'm a big fan of the dark roast as I find that (any) light roast gives me heartburn. I love having my Savorista coffee in the morning but also love that I can live without a caffeine fix.

Emily L.
Savorista Half Caf is Exactly What I Needed!

The half caf is so delicious and it gives me a small boost to start my day, without leaving me feeling burnt out and over-caffeinated. It was exactly what I was hoping for!

First Time Order - Barely Buzzed Half Caf

I've recently started having anxiety from too much caffeine after 25 years of drinking coffee whatever time of day I wanted without consequence. At first was bummed about potentially not being able to drink coffee, but found out about Savorista and decided to try the Barely Buzzed. Tastes delicious and doesn't give me the anxiety regular coffee was giving me. I plan on trying the other half-cafs on offer.