Total Eclipse Decaf

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Total Eclipse Decaf

Uncover the sweet secrets of this mysterious decaf dark roast, that houses notes of walnut, bakers chocolate, and rich molasses. The beans are decaffeinated with only water, via the Swiss Water ProcessThis double threat (a combination of Colombian and Brazilian coffees) is our darkest brew yet!

Dark Medium Roast
Tasting Notes

walnut, baker's chocolate, rich molasses

South America, Africa
Bourbon, Castillo, Heirloom, Mundo Novo
3000 - 7000 ft

Perfect For

Stormy nights, space travel, fans of a certain ‘80s pop ballad and mornings when you need something with a little more edge.

Why We Love It

Sometimes it’s fun to hone in on your dark side or pair your coffee with milk! Also, when Savorista Founder Kait and her husband were on the decaf quest, they enjoyed a fantastic eclipse in Rwanda.

About the Grower

This blend of coffees was grown by farmers in Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia. These three coffee giants come together to produce one cohesive roast that is full-bodied and full of rich flavors. Because why choose one grower when you can have them all?

Customer Reviews

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Annette Mattingly
Total Eclipse Decaf is Excellent!

I love my morning coffee! When I needed to switch to decaf to improve my sleep, I searched for a non-chemically decaffeinated coffee, finding Savorista was perfect. I tried several varieties. Total Eclipse is now my go to daily brew. A delicious way to start my day!

Peter Borrud
Love this coffee!

I've been able to get off of drinking regular coffee now for the past 30 days and going strong. This is all thanks to Savorista! Their decaf coffee tastes amazing just like drinking a great cup of coffee but without all the caffeine. I feel a lot better already not drinking so much caffeine everyday and find I have more energy throughout the day. I have been telling my friends about it and would definitely recommend Savorista to anyone!

Perfectly roasted comfort

I love that I can enjoy a whole cup without feeling jumpy

Rachel Riddiford
Delicious - rich and smooth

We like a rich flavor and I look for smoothness so I don't have to add milk if I'm not in the mood. Perfect!

Pamela M
LOVE this coffee!

LOVE this coffee!! I can no longer drink caffeinated and this is so wonderful I don't miss out!!