Colombian Inspiration (San Agustin) Decaf

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Colombian Inspiration (San Agustin) Decaf

This Colombian single-origin decaf delivers notes of chocolate, caramel, and juicy citrus! This was our very first coffee, one that we taste-tested and were shocked to learn was actually a decaf. Bright notes of citrus pair perfectly with rich chocolate and caramel to create a rich coffee with a medium body that is truly worth savoring, without the caffeine!

Medium Roast
Tasting Notes

chocolate, caramel, citrus, fruits

San Agustin, Hulia, Colombia
Decaf Process
Sugarcane EA
Caturra, Typica
5200 to 6200 ft.

Perfect For

Adventure-seekers, out-of-the-box thinkers, lovers of joyful surprises, and those times you need a warm cup of coffee to brighten your day.

Why We Love It

This was the coffee that set our standard for shockingly great decaf. Savorista founder Kait Brown taste-tested this beauty in Colombia and was genuinely surprised to learn that the full-flavored, robust brew she was sipping was actually a decaf! We visited the decaffeination facility in Colombia and loved how it is decaffeinated at origin!

About the Grower

Grown by 64 small-scale producers in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia, this coffee was fully washed and sun-dried. Talk about natural!

Customer Reviews

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John Hollenberg
Best Decaf I Have Found

I have tried a dozen different decaf coffees from various higher end roasters. This is the best one I have found. Taste is great and aroma is very good also. The only other one that is close is Counter Culture Slow Motion, but while that is listed as Medium Roast it is closer to a dark roast with Agtron score of 57.


So far so good for us decaf lovers.

Bright and juicy!

So refreshing to get a decaf that is fresh, roasted nicely, and brings excitement back to my cup. I’ve found other decafs that are good, but few stand out in their lane like this. You like citrous notes? They’re definitely here, along with other nice flavors. I cannot wait to try something else on my next Savorista order, and there will be one soon because I’m flying through this 2lb bag.


Love this stuff!

Savorista saved me in pregnancy!

Although I'm an avid coffee drinker while not pregnant, I decided to go cold turkey during my pregnancies. With my first two pregnancies, I was drinking bitter decaf coffee that never settled right. With my third pregnancy, I discovered Savorista and I'm so grateful! It is an actually smooth tasting and satisfying decaf coffee. I get my fix plus the decaf bonus. Brilliant product and company!