Brazilian Moment Decaf

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Brazilian Moment Decaf

This unique Brazilian decaf blend, is sweet and smooth, with balanced notes of milk chocolate, mixed nuts and dates. It is from the Cerrado region and is a blend of washed and natural coffees.  The caffeine has been skillfully removed by our friends at Swiss Water.

Medium Roast
Tasting Notes

Milk chocolate, mixed nuts, dates

Cerrado Region, Brazil
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Catuai, Mondo Novo, Caturra
2900 to 3900 ft.

Perfect For

Enjoying the moments around you with a comforting mug of coffee.

Why We Love It

Whether relaxing on a beach, climbing a mountain, watching a sunset or walking through a coffee farm, Brazil is a beautiful country with so many ways to savor a moment. We love this coffee that is smooth and sweet for those moments you want to be present and savor.

About the Grower

Grown by small-scale farmers across the Cerrado region of Brazil.

Customer Reviews

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like very much. want to try something new.

Best decaf I’ve found

I love the flavor of this Brazilian Moment decaf. The milk chocolate flavor note is more enjoyable than any other that I’ve tried, and I’ve definitely tried a lot of decafs out there by now. The mixed nut flavor note, apparently common to Brazilian coffees, is interesting…my lattes made with Lactaid milk taste a lot like a chocolate nut bar of some sort. Highly recommended as a medium roast for lattes. Works as a pour over as well.

irene olivieri
This is the best coffee !!!

I E been drinking Savorista Coffee for the past six months and it’s truly my favorite coffee ever. My husband loves it too and anytime friends come over they always ask what kind of coffee as soon as they taste it. Customer service is excellent too. Highly recommend !

Kiki H.
My new favorite!

I was specifically looking for a good Swiss Water decaf and this did not disappoint. You can tell that the beans are freshly roasted when you open the bag - the smell is amazing! The taste is fantastic too. You would never know it was decaf!