March is Caffeine Awareness Month

March is Caffeine Awareness Month
Happy Caffeine Awareness Month!

Yup it’s a thing. Who knew?!

So many people drink lots of caffeinated coffee without thinking about how it impacts them. And many have been drinking so much caffeinated coffee for so long that we need caffeine to help us feel normal. I was one of those people for over a decade! I used to joke that I was addicted to coffee and only later realized the joke was on me.

This month, pay attention to how caffeine makes you feel. 
  • What feels good? What doesn’t feel good? 
  • Do you fall asleep easily? Do you stay asleep throughout the night?
  • Do you wake up refreshed, or feeling like a zombie until you drink that first cup of caffeinated coffee? 
  • How are your stress levels? Does caffeine impact the way you feel stress?


Let us know in the comments below how caffeine makes you feel! We'll be talking about the effects of caffeine all month long!