Barely Buzzed Half Caf Personal Pour Over

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Barely Buzzed Half Caf Personal Pour Over

Barely Buzzed Half Caf is Savorista’s best selling half caf coffee. Rich and bold with bursts of dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow and walnuts.

Try this flavor in a 10oz bean bag

How to Brew The Perfect Cup

Dark Roast
Tasting Notes

dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow, walnuts

South America, East Africa
Decaf Process
Swiss Water
Caturra, Heirloom
5700 - 7000 ft.

Perfect For

Those who want bold but balanced. This was crafted for those who believe that caffeine, like coffee, should come in different sizes. Like t-shirts. Like shoes. Like cars. Like… everything. It’s a great carry on for your trip, adventures, or meetings, but also ideal for a single cup in the afternoon.

Customer Reviews

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Kristen Gagne
Best decaf I’ve had!

Decaf that tastes great?! I couldn’t believe it but it’s true! I’m sensitive to caffeine but love an afternoon or evening coffee. Decaf coffee I’ve had in the past just didn’t taste like coffee. Now I don’t have to sacrifice sleep for coffee!

Lorraine T

loved the convenience factor, would just use a bigger/taller cup next time!

Vanessa S
Super impressed!

I was super impressed! The individual pour over coffee was incredibly fun to make and it tasted amazing! I do not drink black coffee and I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Robert S
Surprised at the quality

Surprised at the quality. Much better than something like a K-Cup, and much less environmental waste, yet, still has the convenience of a quick brew.

Patricia B
I loved it!

I loved it- it was very easy and convenient to make a cup of delicious coffee.