3 Month Pre-Paid Subscription: Many Months of Coffee!

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Sleep well, your caffeine conscious coffee will arrive for 3 months.

You will receive a caffeine conscious coffee we are excited about that month
It could be a 10 oz bag of our original favorite, San Agustin, or something new we are roasting. You will receive some different coffees throughout your months of decaf, but not quite a new one each month.

Choose from Decaf-Only, Low-caf Only or Decaf and Low Caf

Makes a fabulous gift for a caffeine conscious coffee lover!


"My wife's brother didn't even believe us when we said it was decaf!"


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Customer Reviews

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Best Half Caf

I switched to much lower caffeine this year and found that this half caffeine coffee was the best!

Great coffee with the perfect amount of caffeine

For a few years now, I've been wanting to find small batch coffee to drink, but I can't handle more than 1 cup of caffeinated coffee and that's just not enough coffee for me! So when I found Savorista in the summer of 2020, I was so excited! Not only are there plenty of decaf options, there are half-caf and low-caf too! I couldn't wait to try the coffee and Kait did not disappoint. I've tried a number of different coffees now and they are all wonderfully tasty.


Enjoyed the Panama!

Great Low Caf!

All three blends were excellent. Thank you very much!