Kenyan Sunset Decaf

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Kenyan Sunset Decaf

This unique single-origin Kenyan Decaf is fruity, bright and sweet, with beautiful notes of tangerine, cardamom, maple syrup and blackberry. It was grown in the red volcanic soil of the Mount Kenya region. The caffeine has been removed by our friends at Swiss Water.

Light Roast
Tasting Notes

Maple syrup, cardamom, blackberry, tangerine

Decaf Process
Swiss Water
SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
5500 to 7500 ft.

Perfect For

Safari-lovers, dessert pairings, and creating a bright spot in your day!

Why We Love It

Kenya is a wonderful country with fantastic coffees, and beautiful sunsets. On the Kenyan part of our coffee journey, we loved tasting fruity and winey coffees. This coffee showcases the beautiful flavor notes of classic Kenyan coffees, without the caffeine. We loved the Kenyan countryside and were surprised to find out that in July at the equator it was cold most of the day in the Kenyan mountains because the elevation is so high.

About the Grower

Grown by small-scale farmers in the Mount Kenya Region who are a part of the Farmers Cooperative Societies.

Customer Reviews

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Tom Haddon

Great coffee and experience.


I'm not going to mince words. Not that I have *extensive* coffee experience, but I've tried a few, and the only coffee I've tried that was better than Savorista was triple the price, or more. Savorista's coffee is delicious and 110% worth it.

The tasting notes listed on the bag *do* give you an accurate sense of the difference in flavors. Kenyan Sunset has fruity and light-brown-sugar-ish flavors and I love it, while Yesso Espresso is much darker, just as it claims.

Kenyan Sunset has been delicious with cream and-- coffee snobs, cover your ears-- homemade spiced pumpkin syrup. It goes so well with pumpkin spice, even better than a darker coffee would.

If Savorista came out with a *floral* decaf, I would lose my absolute mind. I would ascend.

Rachel O
Great Decaf

I very much appreciate Savorista and the quality of coffee that they provide. As someone who is very sensitive to caffeine, I've been looking for a good decaf for quite some time. And one that I can trust is as close to 100% decaffeinated as possible. I will say that I have yet to taste a decaf that comes close to the distinct flavors found in regular coffee, but this is as good as it gets in my experience with a decaf. Thank you savorista!

Great coffee!

This is my favorite decaf! It tastes so good I skip adding anything like cream or sweetner so I can taste it as is. I've tried many of the decafs, and this is the one I'd pick if someone told me I could only pick one. Lucky for me that isn't the case, but I get this particular one included in every order with my subscription. Highly recommend!

Brenda Hellwig
So Good

I love the Kenyan Sunset Decaf. It smells good and tastes wonderful. It is definitely the best decaf coffee I have ever had.