Savorista Shuffle Decaf Subscription

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We like discovery - so rather than receive a single coffee on repeat we’ve created the Savorista Shuffle which will allow you to try a rotating mix of our craft decaf coffees. 

You'll be the first to receive our newest coffees as we add them.

We also believe in always having enough and never having too much, so adjust the quantity and frequency of your shipments at any time.  

Subscription FAQS

What do I get with Savorista Shuffle?
A variety of 10 oz coffees! Think of this like hitting shuffle on your favorite playlist. Across the months you’ll get a curated variety of different coffees, and sometimes you’ll get a repeat of some favorites

How many and how often do I get it?
That’s up to you! Choose as many bags as you want per shipment and schedule them as often as you like. Shipping frequency ranges from every 2 weeks (yes!) to every 2 months. 

What if I’m out of town?
You are in control! You’ll have a dashboard that you can use to pause orders or change the delivery dates to accommodate vacations (you deserve one!), work trips and any other reasons that you can’t welcome home your new decaf.

Can I request specific coffees each month?
With the Savorista Shuffle, we curate the coffees for you. However, if you want specific ones, check out the individual subscriptions on each page. From there you can pick your favorite to have delivered at your frequency. You can also select your next coffee in your dashboard when you are ready for a change.

Can I add an additional bag to my shipment?
Yes - absolutely, and it will also get 10% off! Just let us know to add another bag on your dashboard.

Can I cancel if it isn’t working for me?
We are all about enjoying coffee on your terms. If the subscription isn’t working for you anymore, you can cancel anytime.

What about…?
More questions? Just ask! Our favorite part about the Savorista subscription service is that our coffee lovers get to work with us on a plan that fits their lifestyles. Feel free to reach out if you’ve got any questions, comments or if you’re just excited!


*Free shipping on all on-going subscriptions in the US!*

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Deborah B.
Best decaf EVER

I’ve consumed only decaf coffee for decades. Savorista’s is far and away the very best. The flavor is incredibly rich and the aroma is irresistible. I grind whole beans and use an Areopress—best coffee I have ever had. Thank you SO much, Savorista!

Teri Anderson

Taste great!

Lillian Feldman-Hill
Very excited to try a new decaf every month!

As we all know, commercial decaf stinks. I've only gotten my first bag but I am thrilled to have a new, random artisan decaf every month to brew. The bag was delivered earlier than expected and the account is very easy to manage. Nothing else like it!

Jennifer L.
Yay, I found some good decaf!

During this pandemic, I started experiencing anxiety. My daily intake of coffee was only a single 10 oz cup, but that was still enough to cause me problems. So happy to have found good tasting decaf. I can continue my daily intake of coffee without anxious episodes. So far, I have received the San Augustin and Yessso! Expresso. Both flavors are very yummy..

Leah Nielsen

Savorista Shuffle Decaf Subscription