Caffeine in decaf coffee

What You Need to Know About Caffeine in Decaf Coffee

Yes, decaf coffee does have minuscule amounts of residual caffeine. To be labeled decaf, the coffee must be 99.9% caffeine free.

For example, a regular 8 oz coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine or more, while a decaf of the same size has only about 5 mg of caffeine or less, so the regular has more than 20 times more caffeine! 

In comparison, black tea has about 35 mg of caffeine and green tea has about 25 mg, for that same 8 oz cup. Herbal teas (like peppermint or chamomile) have no caffeine. The herbal teas are steeped leaves or flowers that never had caffeine in the first place.



So is decaf safe to drink if I want less caffeine?

First, I am not a doctor. Any medical decisions should be made with your doctor and not your coffee company.

But, many people have shared that their doctor encouraged them to switch to decaf for health reasons. And our coffees are only decaffeinated with natural ingredients, like water or a sugarcane product.


Thanks to the Mayo Clinic for the data!